Those girls who wear converse to prom because “they aren’t like most girls”


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me when I work out

which episode of game of thrones is this

all of them

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I have one quote I very often read to myself, from a very good friend: ‘Forget the people around you now; remember the little boy who was racing in go-karts, what you were dreaming of and what he wanted to achieve one day and what was his goal. Race for him.’. I fell in love with the sport, I love racing. The amount of satisfaction I get just going around in a Formula 1 car makes me smile. So if it is a bad day then you tend to come out and say it’s horrible and you don’t enjoy. But if you had to pick between that and doing nothing, you would always pick that.
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Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen dress bride Molly Fishkin for her wedding in L.A

Love this.

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Brad & AngelinaA 60-Page Portfolio by Steven Klein